No Country in a Nutshell: The Weekly Recap | 2.25-3.3

If you read the site at all last week, you’re probably well-aware that we teamed up with Third Shift and some talented promoter friends to throw a totally free SXSW Send Off show over the weekend. We couldn’t be more proud of the event or more thankful to everyone who attended! The bands were great, the crowd was a lot of fun (and those of you who had to spend a little time waiting in the snow, thanks for hanging in there!), and the staff and everyone involved did an incredible job. We can’t wait to host more events in the future, so stay tuned for announcements!

The weekend might be over, but if you want to revisit some of the bands, we spent last week rounding out the artists on the lineup in our Third Shift Spotlight series. Check them out below:

And here’s the rest of what we covered on the site last week:

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