Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues | How’d We Do?


As you probably know, for the past 7 weeks Bonnaroo has been releasing lineup clues via haiku (some pieced together from 3 different sources, some hidden in a real-world location) called Roo Clues and we’ve been playing along to solve them. The festival JUST ANNOUNCED their official lineup, but, as with previous years, didn’t specifically match the Roo Clues to their correct answers. We did our best to recap our guesses and took a stab at the correct answers for the ones we missed. Check out how we did:

Roo Clue 1 | Japandroids – Nailed it! 1/1

Roo Clue 2 | Animal Collective – Got that one too! 2/2

Roo Clue 3 | Sleigh Bells or Pixies – Hmm, both wrong. 2/3

Correct answer? I’m betting this one was Divine Fits.

Roo Clue 4 | MGMT – Wrong again. 2/4

Correct answer? Almost definitely Bjork.

Roo Clue 5 | Tame Impala – Right again! 3/5

Roo Clue 6 | Of Monsters and Men – We’re on a roll. 4/6

Roo Clue 7 | A$AP Rocky – This one was too easy. 5/7

Roo Clue 8 | Purity Ring – Yep! 6/8

Roo Clue 9 | Mumford & Sons – Can’t believe they hinted a major headliner, but we got it! 7/9

Roo Clue 10 | Father John Misty – He’ll be there! 8/10

Roo Clue 11 | Kendrick Lamar – Uh huh! And we can’t wait! 9/11

Roo Clue 12 | Van Morrison or Machine Gun Kelly – Both wrong. Should have gone with the crazy answer. 9/12

Correct answer? It’s R. Kelly.

Roo Clue 13 | The Sheepdogs – Not only did we find it, we solved it! 10/13

Roo Clue 14 | The xx – The answer might have been Billy Idol, which we also explored, but unless they release the answers there’s no way to know. Both bands are performing, so we’re calling it correct. 11/14

FINAL SCORE: 11 out of 14. Not bad! This has been fun, guys. Let’s play again next year! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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  3. You only got 7 right. Answers are in the link below.


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