Bonnaroo 2015 Band of the Day Round Up: Nashville Club Stage Bands


Just like last year and the year before, we’re making it our mission to help you get acquainted with every single band on Bonnaroo‘s impressive 2015 lineup.  We started from the bottom and have been working our way up, paying special attention to the smaller and lesser known acts on this year’s bill with daily, dedicated Bonnaroo Band of the Day and Bonnaroo Club Stage Band of the Day posts. Now that ‘Roo is fast approaching, and we’re adminttedly playing catch up through the rest of the fest’s line up in the form of group posts.  Today, we are going to run through the Nashville Bands that we haven’t gotten to yet.  We’ve already covered Sol Cat, Sturgill Simpson, Moon Taxi, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, and comedian Ralphie May, but there are six more music city acts that are on the bill…  Keep reading for your Bonnaroo Club Stage Bands of the Day – Nashville Edition!



Saturday | The Who Stage | 10:15pm

Southern rock, flavored with equal parts metal, blues and psychedelica, All Them Witches are a band we are quite familiar with (read this post). They had a busy 2014, releasing their new album, Lightning At the Door, in September, just after an epic performance at Live on the Green. In 2015 they hope to take things to the next level, already releasing a new EP, A Sweet Release, and playing at fests like Summer Camp and Bonnaroo to hone their already stellar live performances. They’ve long been a fixture in the local scene, and can’t wait for the rest of the country to get hip.

LISTEN | “Howdy Hoodee Slank”

WATCH | “Charles William” (Official Music Video)

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Saturday | The Who Stage | midnight

Keeping the Nashville vibes going at The Who Stage Saturday night, electronic trio BASECAMP will be sure to get the dance party jumping. They utilize haunting melodies, supplemented by thumping bass lines and heavy drums, while effortlessly layering elements of glitch and even strings. They released their self-titled debut EP in 2013, followed by a re-released version of the EP remixed by various artists, and even put on a live performance art piece at TPAC entitled Gradient. Now we are eagerly awaiting their followup LP, Greater Than, set for release later this year, but we don’t have to wait that long to see them live on The Farm.

LISTEN | “2 Thingz”

WATCH | “S H U D D E R” (Official Music Video)

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Sunday | On Tap Lounge | 1pm

No strangers to No country coverage (read this post or this post), Chrome Pony were founded by Indiana-bred brothers Tyler (guitar/vocal) and Kyle Davis (drums). After adding Jota Ese (bass) and Ric Alessio (keys), their current lineup was complete. They  pull influences from psychedelic, punk, garage, and good old fashioned rock and roll, culminating in a fantastic, fuzzy, and fiercely original voice of their own. The group’s latest EP, You Are the Pisces, dropped last year, and they have plans to release at least one new record this year. They are part of a special BMI block at the On Tap Stage, featuring fellow road to Roo winners, all of which just so happen to be playing our Tuesday Acme showcase the week of the fest.    

LISTEN | “Making Money”

WATCH | “Burnout” (Official Music Video)

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Friday | The Who Stage | 8:30pm

Before calling Music City home, Clear Plastic Masks made several stops all over the country, most significantly, NYC, but they love the  “tight-knit scene” here in Nashville supported by a host of incredible bands. Their sound is an adventure all over the map; soulful crooning to raucous punk and gnarled grunge riffs. Dashes of classic ‘60s garage rock and ‘50s influenced sock hop ballads. We streamed their debut full-length, Being There, when it dropped last spring on Serpents & Snakes Records, and now we look forward to seeing/hearing what new tricks they have up their sleeves … or, eh, behind their masks.

LISTEN | “In Case You Forgot”

WATCH | “So Real” (official Music Video)

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Future Thieves Roo 2015

Thursday | On Tap Lounge | 6:15pm

Relatively new to Nashville, Future Thieves have already begun to make a name for themselves around Music City with their americana hinted, big bold indie-rock sound.  We’ve had the chance to catch them live already, and it captured our attention immediately, causing us to stop a conversation mid-sentence to ask who was playing.  The band is currently in the studio working their full length debut to accompany their 2014 EP, and we have a feeling you will be hearing a lot more about these guys this year… including an upcoming set at our Acme Showcase on July 21st.

LISTEN | “Secret”

WATCH | “Rosie”

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Sunday | On Tap Lounge | 3pm

Another member of the BMI block of Road To Bonnaroo winners, on deck at the On Tap Stage, Future Unlimited are ready to share their Music City formed electronic meets post-punk sounds with a broader audience. Their debut self-titled EP caught our attention a couple years ago, and their various remixes and singles releases (including their latest “Shadows” embedded below) since have us frothing at the mouth, ready for a full length. Get hip to their socials below and be sure to see them in our Acme showcase the Tuesday before Roo.

LISTEN | “Shadows”

WATCH | “Haunted Love”

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Saturday | On Tap Lounge | midnight

Set to play late night at the taste making New Music On Tap Lounge, we are digging foot-stomping’ two-piece Smooth Hound Smith. Comprised of “One-Man-Band” Zack Smith (guitars/vocals/foot drums/harmonicas) and Caitlin Doyle (vocals/percussion), elements of folk, blues, Americana, and R&B permeate their music. Weve been soaking in the East Nashville residents self-titled debut record for a couple years now, and we cant wait for this year’s followup, Sweet Tennessee Honey. Have a taste below!    

LISTEN | “Get Low”

WATCH | “30 Days” (Touch Vinyl Sessions)

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