No Country Christmas Carol Show Spotlight: Luella (of Luella and the Sun) | December 19 @ The Stone Fox

2013 Caroling Party

It’s been a busy year here at No Country, and the site’s grown a lot. So much, in fact, that we are now trying to reach out to our readers offline. I know, crazy right? It sounds a bit preposterous, but in an effort to continue bringing you guys up to speed with the very best the Nashville music scene has to offer, we recently organized a new events wing, aptly titled No Country Presents. Being the wise bunch of folks they are, No Country Presents decided to team up with friends over at East Nashville Underground to bring our readers something everyone can enjoy: Christmas caroling.

That’s right, you’ll be able to join us on December 19th at The Stone Fox for some hearty caroling with some of Nashville’s best local artists for only $5. We know, we know. For just five bucks, you’ll get to watch Thelma & the Sleaze throw down with their usual vigor, and you’ll witness the brilliance that is Tessla Rossa. But here’s the trick: caroling is a communal activity. That means if you want to sing with them, you can, since we’ll be printing out lyrics for everybody and wholeheartedly recommending you join in on the festivities.

You’ll also see some pretty ugly Christmas sweaters too, since we’re holding a contest. We’re dispersing secret judges throughout the crowd, and if your tacky holiday knitwear is more ridiculous than average, a judge will buy you a drink of your choice. There’ll be more than one winner throughout the knight, so be sure to really go all out if you’re trying to score that drink.

Hopefully, we’ll see some more subtle outerwear at the Christmas party as well, since we’ll also be collecting lightly worn coats and jackets and donating them to the noble people over at the Nashville Rescue Mission. They’ll distribute these jackets locally to those who’re really going to need them when it gets cold. If you’ve got a spare lightly used coat you don’t use anymore, this is a great way to give that jacket a second life.

To make sure you’re ready to sing with a bunch of Nashville’s best musicians, we’re giving a bit of preview coverages to the bands. We’ve already talked about fan favorite synthy poppers El El, the mesmerizing female fronted indie act Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden, and the brilliant retro vibes of Sherbet, rockers Pretty Ugly, gunge band All Them Witches, and up next: Luella (of Luella and the Sun).



Luella is a soul woman from right here in Nashville, and is best known as the front woman for local blues-y rock band Luella and the Sun. After releasing their critically acclaimed 10″ debut, the studio where Luella and the Sun recorded (guitarist for the band, Joe McMahan’s home) burned down. While this devastating event put a hold on producing and recording their first full length album, we helped, along with others, put on a benefit show to contribute to get them back on their feet. Since this benefit, we caught Luella and the Sun wowing audiences last summer at Live On The Green, where her voice and essence was not only incredible, but indescribable on that big stage. Maybe it’s Luella’s outstanding control, amazing power, or how just how emotionally moving her voice can be; but, when we heard she might be doing a rendition of “Oh Holy Night” it became immediately clear, this would be one carol you won’t want to miss.


Nashville Sunday Night Show


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