TWiN | This Weekend In Nashville | 2/15 – 2/17

Here we go again.  It’s another weekend in Nashville, and your hard working asses need to get moving to celebrate.  If you are a regular follower of this rag, you’d find it hard to think we would even know that anything other than East Nashville Underground is going on over at The East Room this weekend, but we do live in Music City where there is always more music than possible to believe happening.  We hope you all have a safe and happy post-valentine’s day weekend, and that you all get out to see some live music.


East Nashville Underground’s Winter 2013 season gets underway with a particularly spectacular lineup.  You get some No Country faves with Vinyl Thief, All Them Witches, Alanna Royale, Machines Are People Too, Magnolia Sons, Cult Logic, & DJ Rate from Boom Bap.  You can check out our full Friday night preview here.  Things get started around 9 and run until the wee hours.  $15 tickets for the night (or $25 for the weekend) are available at the door, and I would recommend that you get there early before this sells out.  Did I mention that you drink for free at this thing?

If you’re feeling nostalgic about high school, yet sarcastic at the same time, perhaps it’s time to find your worst/cheesiest formal wear and attend the Worst Winter Formal. It’ll be held tonight at the 615 Design space of Erica Edmonson, located at 1015 W. Kirkland Ave in East Nashville. Music will be provided by the smooth and cool Patrick Baker, Blown Stag, and The Stateside Menace.  It’s $5 to get in, and punch will be provided for $2. Dressing in your worst formal wear is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Check out more event info here.


East Nashville Underground installed your hangover last night, so why not let them service that same hangover on Saturday morning with mimosas, breakfast pastries, and more music.  The Saturday Day Show is no joke this season with the likes of The Static Trees, Jon Byrd, Joshua, Waterfall Wash, K.S. Rhoads, Colorfeels, Frances & The Foundation, and Hanzelle.  Get to know all of these bands over at our full Saturday day preview here.  If you have your full weekend wristband, you are already in, otherwise, you can also grab tickets at the door for $10.

Hopefully, you won’t wear yourself out in the afternoon, because the East Nashville Underground finale is not to be missed.  Check it: The Golden Spurs, COIN, Tesla Rossa, James Wallace & The Naked Light, Moon Taxi, The Wans, and DJ That Guy.  Seriously, if you miss this, you probably have no soul.  Check the full preview with lots of players and music and shit right here.  The grand drunken send off begins at 9pm, and tickets are still $15 at the door.  If your liver is still accepting donations, the beer will still be flowing for this event.

If you’re looking for a change of pace after spending Friday night and Saturday day at ENU (or the party sells out before you can snag a wristband) – there is a very worthy option on the West side with the QDProm happening at the Mercy Lounge. Jessika is super stoked about this one because it combines her well-documented love of Ponychase with her heightened sense of nostalgia! The Queer Dance Party is the brainchild of some pretty awesome local folks that know that the great equalizer is the universal need to get down (proof: Harlem Shake). The monthly QDP has scooted over from the 5 Spot to Cannery Row for this special event that will feature DJs per their usual happenings plus Ponychase (yay!), Tipper Whore (dropping their new record that night, too, woohoo!), AND “Special Guests” playing some very recognizable tunes. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Tipper Whore, they “make songs about drinking, one night stands, how hell is a party, doing cocaine with Ke$ha… and the likes.” And who doesn’t want to hear that? Exactly. So if you’re over 18, you can party like a prom star starting at 8pm. There will be a photo booth for mugging and there’s even promise of free party favors for the first 250 folks with advance tickets ($8 adv, $10 DOS) — snag ’em here. So be you gay, bi, les, trans, poly, asexual, intersex, or questioning – queer people UNITE in your best awkward formal attire and getcha’ some. (Straight people with good taste and decent moves welcome).

Also happening Saturday, the Grammy-winning, platinum record-selling, unstoppable indie pop machine that is fun. are performing at The Ryman Auditorium. This one’s been sold out for quite awhile, so if you don’t already have tickets, you’ll end up paying a pretty penny to snag some secondhand. Philip wanted to bring you some good news though: fun. already have ANOTHER Nashville show planned for 9/22 at The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel. The info and ticket links for The Woods can be found here. It’s still a ways out, so you’ve got plenty of time to jump on the fun. bandwagon between now and then!


If you’re not still nursing a post-ENU hangover Sunday, or if you had such a blast at the festival, you just need one more show to conclude your weekend, Philip thinks you have to check out Jukebox the Ghost with Matt Pond and The Lighthouse and the Whaler at Mercy Lounge! Brooklyn indie rockers Jukebox the Ghost have toured pretty extensively, and they’ve got the incredible and high-energy live show to match. On top of that, their latest album, Safe Travels, is their strongest and most personal yet. Supporting artist Matt Pond dropped the “PA” from his name recently and just debuted a more focused, energetic sound with his new album. There’s never been a better time to catch him! Finally, poppy indie folk openers The Lighthouse and the Whaler have a knack for crafting dense, melodic, and heartfelt pop tunes with a folky yet often very dance-ready backbone. They’re the perfect compliment to an already fun lineup! The show starts at 8PM and you can still grab tickets here.

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