PHANGS Teams Up with R.LUM.R for Dream Team Track “Always Been U”


Promising Nashville pop project PHANGS teamed up with fellow Nashvillian, r&b artist and fire-hot performer R.LUM.R for new high-inducing single “Always Been U.” It’s a thrilling third act following his first two singles, “Cul De Sac” and “One & Lonely.” PHANGS’ vocal delivery is as smooth as ever, and the hazy, sweet effect it has rubs off on R.LUM.R’s verse for a combo that goes together like a cherry-lime ICEE. Running right at three minutes, it’s a summery treat pop lovers will enjoy until the last drop.

PHANGS, a.k.a. Jake Germany, is quietly building an army of passionate fans that most artists only dream of. The former Cardboard Kids frontman spends time creating a personal fan experiences so they’re a part of the ride. The combination of catchy tracks, slick artwork and more frequent live dates make PHANGS a white-hot bright spot in Nashville’s burgeoning pop community.

Germany tells Los Angeles blog Kick Kick Snare, “Living in Nashville, I’m lucky to have talented friends that I get to also be fans of. I wrote this tune almost a year ago and was fortunate enough to have my dude R.LUM.R come through to track and write on this song. It didn’t feel forced at all…just a couple friends hanging out and making music.”

Listen to “Always Been U” feat. R.LUM.R by PHANGS below, and be sure to check him out on social media for more news.

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