Watch Skyway Man Perform “The Shadow Knows” For ‘Pink House Sessions’


Friend of the site James Wallace has made quite an impression on us over the years, starting with his James Wallace & The Naked Light project.  He is now back with a new vehicle to present his pop folk laden tunes which explore the metaphysical boundaries between space, time, and humanity.  With Skyway Man, Wallace continues his journey, and we already shared the first heady future folk single, “Terre, 9999,” to appear from his upcoming LP Seen Comin’ From A Mighty Eye.  The real power behind the music is the mind of James Wallace.  We’ve seen Wallace perform in numerous settings over the years, but one that sticks firmly in the memory bank was his solo performance at one of our Acme showcases.  Multiple instruments feel like appendages that Wallace was born with, as he deftly maneuvers from guitars to keyboards and back all while keeping the beat on a stomp box and mixing microphone effects.  In an expertly filmed video in Langhorne Slim’s “Pink House Sessions,” you can see Wallace displaying these talents to perfection while performing “The Shadow Knows,” and it is definitely worth repeat views.

Head below to dig into the video, and stick around to get hip to all of the Pink House Sessions.  Then, make sure you catch Skyway Man performing at our 5th Annual Christmas Carol Show on Dec. 17 at The 5 Spot.  You can get more info here, or RSVP on the Facebook event page.

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