Cardboard Kids Release “The Struggle” Ahead of New EP


We’ve been following rock trio Cardboard Kids since their 2014 debut LP Echo Boomer and 2015 EP High. The band’s loud and stylish live show always reminds us to keep concert-quality ear plugs on hand. New single “Struggle” shows off a quieter side of Cardboard Kids, with a head-bobbing beat and the smoothest vocal delivery we’ve heard from them yet.

Recorded at the historic RCA Studio A in Nashville, frontman Jake Germany says, “‘Struggle’ isn’t the kind of song that reveals some uplifting formula to get through struggle in order to be happy. It’s an honest song about being in the middle of some crap and dealing with it because that’s just where you are.”

Take a listen to “Struggle” below. Keep an eye on Cardboard Kids for their new EP, Mint, which comes out in July.

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