Listen To The New Single “Thank You” From Brandon Watson And The IKB Sound!

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Thanksgiving may technically be over, but there’s literally always something to be thankful for. Today, we’re thankful for this song from newcomer Brandon Watson & The IKB Sound called “Thank You.” This post is beginning to get a little meta, but bear with us. Originally from Huntsville, AL, singer-songwriter Brandon Watson recently made the move to Nashville and is already booked to play BMI’s free, weekly showcase, 8 Off 8th, at Mercy Lounge on Dec. 7. His sound combines elements of 70’s and post rock, with hints of Americana in his lyrical style. When asked to elaborate on the inspiration for “Thank You,” Brandon had this to say:

I wrote this as a song of Thanksgiving, but not as an overt expression of such. We are all constantly talking about what is going wrong in this world nowadays, but we rarely stop to think about what is actually good, how things could be worse, and how blessed many of us are through the small and things taken for granted. Indeed, there is still good all around us and reason to pause and be thankful.

Listen to the track after the jump and catch him live at Mercy Lounge next Monday night along with Janelle and the Gentlemen, The Euclids, and more.

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