[Preview] The Dirty Nil w/PEARS, HiGH, I’m An Island, Skoolgirl, Save/Quit


Sometimes, a bunch of artists that know each other decide to throw one huge gig together. This would be one of those shows. With the exception of headliners The Dirty Nil, all of the bands have known each other from their original hometown of New Orleans. PEARS and HiGH decided to come and visit I’m An Island, Skoolgirl and Save/Quit in their new hometown here in Nashville for a sort of reunion show at The East Room tonight!

The Dirty Nil

Canadians tend to be most well known by their politeness, but it seems like under all of that kindness is a rocking core. The heavy, grunge rock style that The Dirty Nil plays almost feels like it could have come from the early-to-mid 90’s. What The Dirty Nil do is exactly what they want to do: they rock. Hard. This isn’t going to be a show where standing around is going to be widely accepted. If you want to feel the deep riffs shake your body, you are going to want to be at this show.


Loud, fast, and hectic is the way that PEARS will come at you. They come from New Orleans, and are here to show that far more than just jazz comes from the Crescent City. Hearing the quick punches that PEARS deliver with their mix of hardcore screams and punk riffs will truly gets the adrenaline pumping. Listen to “Go To Prison” below to see how raw, genuine punk is supposed to sound.


As one of the more laid back bands playing tonight (though that should be taken loosely) HiGH will be bringing a slightly different vibe to the show. With an indie-punk style, their set might not be as energetic as The Dirty Nil or PEARS, but it will certainly be entertaining to watch.

I’m An Island

While HiGH may be slightly more laid back, Nashville newcomers I’m An Island bring a whole new psychedelic style to the bill. Though it will be interesting to see how they mix with the rest of the bands, a mixture of different genres is always welcome.


Just like I’m An Island, Skoolgirl came up to Nashville from New Orleans to showcase their talents here in Music City. Check out their song “Seasquatch” down below and be sure to get to the show early to rock out with them!


The Dirty Nil, PEARS, HiGH, I’m An Island, Skoolgirl and Save/Quit will perform August 1st at The East Room. The show is 18+, begins at 8pm (doors at 7:30pm), and tickets are available for $5 at the door.

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