Bonnaroo Band of the Day: Main Stage Roundup, Part 7



Just like last year and the year before, we’re making it our mission to help you get acquainted with every single band on Bonnaroo‘s impressive 2014 lineup.  We started from the bottom and have been working our way up, paying special attention to the smaller and lesser known acts on this year’s bill with daily, dedicated Bonnaroo Band of the Day and Bonnaroo Club Stage Band of the Day posts. Now that ‘Roo is fast approaching, and we’ve made our way through the fest’s entire undercard, we’ll be spending our last couple of weeks making sure you’re up to date on the festival’s headliners, this time in the form of group posts. Keep reading for your Bonnaroo Band of the Day: Main Stage Roundup



Sunday | What Stage | 4:45pm

This year’s Bonnaroo marks the fourth time that we’ve seen Arctic Monkeys, and what did all of those previous shows have in common?  They absolutely blew us away every time.  It’s one thing to discover a band through their live show, or even to be impressed that their live performance meets or exceeds the expectations of their studio album.  However, it is hard to have a band exceed your previous experiences seeing them each time. The Sheffield England quartet almost instantaneously burst onto the scene with their international hit “I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor” from their 2006 debut, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, and they have only continued to expand their sound and songwriting with their 5th full-length, AM, which was released last year. If you are on the fence about seeing Arctic Monkey on the farm this summer, go ahead and get off that fence now.  We promise you’ll be a super fan when the show is over. [MH]

LISTEN | “I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor”

WATCH | “Do I Wanna Know” (Official Music Video)

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Friday| Which Stage | 1:30am
Saturday | This Tent | SuperJam | 12am

By now, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the dupstep, electric alien house music titan Skrillex, but did you know he got his start in a post-hardcore screamo band called From First to Last? His birth name is Sonny John Moore, and he was the lead singer of the outfit for two albums from 2004-2006, before branching off on his own. In 2009, he was all set to record his solo debut when fate dealt him a different hand. He’d been performing at clubs as a DJ under his now famous moniker, and, in’09, released an EP called My Name Is Skrillex for free via his official MySpace page. Two more EPs, six Grammys (mostly dance music related) and his latest and first full-length (Recess) later, and he’s headlining Bonnaroo. Be there in person when Skrillex brings the house down late night with a all-hours dance-party-a-thin, and don’t miss his curated SuperJam, which is setting itself up to be this summer’s best. Bring comfortable shoes. [JR]

LISTEN | “Recess”

WATCH | “Bangarang” ft. Sirah (Official Music Video)

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Friday | Which Stage | 8:45pm

The French four-piece, who, in 2009, brought us the Grammy winning (Best Alternative Music Album) and single friendly Wolfgnag Amadeus Phoenix, are back and better than ever with a new album released last year that further refines their synth-pop alt-rock sounds. Phoenix released Bankrupt! in the spring of 2013, and it has done anything but make them go broke. With last summer’s ultra-catchy single “Trying To Be Cool” blazing through the airwaves, it has sold well. Though not as single heavy as their 2009 Grammy winner, Bankrupt! has met with further critical and commercial success, peaking at number four on Billboard’s top 200 and reaching number one on the US Independent Albums chart, Alternative Albums chart, and Rock Albums chart. No strangers to the ‘Roo, the boys from Versailles have played Which Stage a couple times before and, take it from us, their live shows have only gotten better with time. Go see for yourself Friday night! [JR]

LISTEN | “Trying To Be Cool” feat. R. Kelly

WATCH | “Lisztomania” (Official Music Video)

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Sunday | What Stage | 7pm

A Roo crowd favorite who’ve played the farm multiple times, The Avett Brothers are ready to make the last big jump to THE main stage to headline this sucker! Brothers, and Concord, North Carolina natives, Scott and Seth Avett got the band started around 2000, although they played together extensively growing up. Their first release, Country Was, came in 2002, and they promptly self-booked a tour across the U.S. to promote it. Soon they were signed to Ramseur Records and released a follow up, A Carolina Jubileethe following year. By then, their very unique ne0 folk-rock, new wave Bluegrass sounds and legendary rowdy shows had built them a strong following throughout most of the south. Three more albums followed, and, in 2009, they recorded a  LP with master producer Rick Rubin, I and Love and You, which would climb to number five on the rock albums chart and number one on the Folk Albums chart. Their next release, also produced by Rubin, The Carpenter, debuted at number four on Billboard’s top 200 and their latest companion album, Magpie and the Dandelion, peaked at number five. Look for more Rick Rubin-helmed work from the Avetts in 2015, but, for now, go see them kill on one of the biggest stage of their careers so far! [JR]

LISTEN | “Live and Die”

WATCH | “Morning Song” (Official Music Video)

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Friday | What Stage | 7:30pm

Fusing pronounced elements of afrobeat with indie rock and baroque pop, New York’s Vampire Weekend amassed more hype within the indie community and trendier music press outlets than any other band in recent memory, before they had even properly released an album. Fortunately, their self-titled debuted exceeded the hype. Two followups, a Grammy win (and another nomination), and the distinction of being the only independent band ever to land two consecutive number one albums later, and Vampire Weekend are certifiable indie superstars. Formed as something of a joke rap group while attending Columbia University, Vampire Weekend have managed to never shake that lighthearted vibe, interweaving serious and heartfelt songs with abstract and story-centric ones, often channeling a smart and witty tone. Their light, catchy, and eclectic style has managed to grow to massive crossover appeal, and has landed the group worldwide recognition, spots on countless festivals, and a seemingly dual indie and mainstream cred. If you’ve never had a chance to witness their fantastic live show, we highly recommend making it a priority. [PO]

LISTEN | “A Punk”

WATCH | “Diane Young” (Official Music Video)

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[JR] Jacob Ryan
[JS] Jack Smith
[MH] Matt Hall
[PO] Philip Obenschain

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