Juan Wauters Releases Video For “Water” | Catch Him At Freakin’ Weekend

Juan Wauters

Freakin Weekend evenings typically conjure visions of mosh pits, stage diving, and drunk sweaty kids; but there is definitely a fit in that mayhem for Juan Wauters. We mentioned that Juan and Ex-Cult were going to be filling a pretty big void on this March’s Saturday night session with the late scratch of OBN IIIs, but it was exciting for us who have been captivated by Juan Wauters for a while now. I’m sure the Saturday night (3/8) set will be more lively than the video below (though possibly as drunken as the intro), but this intriguing songwriter is one of the top reasons that we’ll be attending.

Check out the video for “Waters” below, and snag those tickets to The End before that little joint sells out.

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