Listen to No Country Take Over Lightning 100 To Premeire 12 New Local Songs!


We had a blast last night with Wells Adams and Justin Hammel when we took over the studio at Lightning 100 for The 615 to bring you a run down of some of our favorite new releases from local musicians.  We want to thank them for letting us drive the ship for a night.  We also want to give a shout out to all of you readers that have stuck with us through the typos and mistakes, and continue to follow and stay engaged with No Country.  We, of course, wanted to give you all a shout out over the radio waves, but a giant puffy microphone in your face with headphones on have a way of making you just want to get out of there without anymore blatant mistakes or typos.  So, anyway, a huge thank you to all of our supporters out there, and a huge shoutout as well to all of the dedicated writers and photographers that pour their passion into bringing this little rag to life.

Here are all of the artists that we premiered last night on the program, and you can listen to the full episode below.  The 615 is a great resource for finding new local music, and you should go ahead and tell Siri to remind you to check it out every Monday night at 6:15 pm at 100.1 on your radio dial or right here via the Lightning 100 website.

No Country’s 615 Playlist

  • Aquaducks – “This Far”
  • Staying For The Weekend – “Let Go”
  • Simo – “Shake It”
  • *repeat repeat – “Ms. Melissa”
  • Tesla Rossa – “Our Last Days”
  • Bully – “Brainfreeze”
  • Pang – “Summer Daze”
  • Sherbert – “Walk Away”
  • Wabash Revival – “Won’t Be Long”
  • Sara Beck – “Come On”
  • Haunted Device – “Haunted Device”
  • Cotton Wine – “Corn In A Cotton Field”

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