Beck Song Reader Interview: Anna Haas

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It’s almost the day of the show, y’all. And we’re still bringing you insight into our  Two Year Anniversary Party this Saturday (May 25th) at The Basement. We’ve already brought you articles/interviews with Ben Elkins of EL EL, Jared Corder of *repeat repeat, Milktooth, Daniel Ellsworth, and Park Chisolm who will also be bringing Beck’s “Song Reader” sheet music to life.  Not to mention the spotlight we did of headliners Colorfeels.

There is more info about the party at this link here, or you can hop over to the Facebook page if that is more your speed. This thing is surely going to reach capacity, so make sure you get there early to celebrate this special night of music with us!

Today we spotlight Anna Haas. We love Anna Haas. If you need proof, check out our review of her recent show at The Basement. We love Anna so much, we asked if she would please, please, pretty please with sugar on top sing at our birthday party? And like a perfectly executed promposal (yes those are a thing) – she said “Yes!”

Now Anna is a hard workin’ gal, and she has put together an amazing bimonthly series that kicks off tonight at 12th and Porter to elevate the incredible women artists in our midst — Women Who Rock.

She reveals, “I’ve noticed, since moving to Nashville from NYC a couple of years ago that the diversity of musical genres and the range of talent that Nashville attracts is astounding. I’m passionate about setting up this showcase that emphasizes the diversity of musical styles that female artists in Nashville encompass, from traditional to quirky to funky, country, rockin’, hippin’, hoppin’, soulful and beyond.

There will be four full acts per night and I’ll be booking both established as well as up and coming acts, both local and national. I’ll be focusing on booking more high energy acts, but will also make sure that each night is diverse and that there is a build to the evening. Each bill will be relatively cohesive as far as genre and feel of the bands, accounting for the bands’ audience demographic.

It’s an exciting time to be in Nashville, with its progressive energy and shift towards a more eclectic art and music scene. I believe that a regular showcase like Women Who Rock will be just one more thing that continues to solidify Nashville as more than just a country music town, and will also empower ladies in the industry!”

The first showcase is booked tonight and features Anna’s act, Anna Haas & The Effect, plus The BroadcastFrances & The Foundation and Hot Mess Loves You. Bands booked for upcoming showcases include Charlene KayeAlanna Royale, Hank & Cupcakes, Daphne Willis, Denitia Odigie, and Bridget & The Squares.

In addition to the spectacular night of music, Anna has arranged give-aways for the audience that include:
  • Brunch for two at The Tin Angel American Bistro
  • $90 at Hair Mama Jones
  • $25 to Local Honey Vintage Clothing
  • Two tickets to Sideshow Fringe Festival’s up and coming play that features awesome lady heroines kicking ass in the alterna-rock 90s: She Kills Monsters
  • The ultimate Women Who Rock merch package, with a CD and T-shirt from ALL FOUR of the bands playing the night.
  • $25 to Grimey’s New and Preloved Music


And now we return you to our regularly scheduled Song Reader interview!

Tell us a little bit about what you have been up to?
I’ve spent the last year playing out in Nashville and New York, and touring the east coast in support of my debut album, Crazy Is. I’ve gotten really close with my band over the last year, recently dubbed “The Effect.” Right now, we’re playing out as much as possible, and I’m about to start pre-production for an EP that I’m going to start tracking in Louisiana this fall (with a very exciting producer.) Excited to get some new tunes out into the world! I’m also writing a rock opera. That’s right.

With all the bands in Nashville, why should people come out to see your show/band?
I like to put on a full-on, balls-to-the-wall show, that teeters on the line between rock and theater. I give all I’ve got every time I go on stage, like I could drop dead afterwards. The stakes are high each time, and I feel so damn lucky to be performing, to share my view of the world. It’s really important for me to see the 45 minutes or an hour that I’m up there as a chance to say something, through my voice, my body and my band. And, so I’ve been told, even if my music isn’t your style, your bound to be entertained.

What about made you want to be a part of the Beck Song Reader?
Beck has been one of my favorite artists for years now. When I was focusing on dance and choreography in college, I choreographed a couple dance pieces to Beck songs. I’ve love his use of rhythm and his production choices.  When Matt asked me to be a part of this, I found it super exciting to have the chance to interpret Beck’s raw music, stripped of his signature production style. I find it really selfless of him to put his music out there like that, for other artists to interpret, stripped of his own ego. I’m super excited to be in the mix with some of Nashville’s most talented musicians, and to see the ways that everyone chooses to arrange their songs.

What songs are you doing?
“Why Did You Make Me Care” and “Please Leave the Light on When You Go.” And possibly “Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard.” All heart-wrenching breakup songs. Of course I chose those.

Who is playing with you?
Kevin Martin of the band The Cultivation on guitar, and Zach Casebolt, one of the best violinists in town on strings. I may have Daniel Ellsworth join me for a tune too : ) I’ll also have Cristina Taddonio singing BGV’s with me!

Who are you most excited to see perform at the party?
Daniel Ellsworth! He’s such an insanely creative songwriter and band leader. I always try to catch him when he plays around town, and  am really excited to see if he brings the “DE + The Great Lakes” style to these Beck songs. That would be rad!

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