ELEL Debut Surprise New Single “Early in the Morning”


As we reported about a month ago, local indie favorites ELEL are gearing up to release new music. After working in the wake of their 2016 full-length Geode for over a year, the band surprised us with a fresh new upbeat single, “Be Yeah,” and last week took another stride with the release of the dance-worthy, radio-ready “Early in the Morning.” As with their last track, “Early In The Morning” sees the band expand on their sonically rich backbone with an uptempo polish that seems ripe for consumption by the electro pop loving masses.

We asked frontman Ben Elkins about the new track, and he explains that the song’s bouncy playful style wasn’t necessarily where the inspiration started. “‘Early In The Morning’ turned out to be a really fun song, but it came out of a really tough time. It’s just so hard not being as close as you want to be to someone you love.”  He continues, “There’s hours every day that are surprisingly lonely. It’s in these hours that I wrote this one.”

Still no news of a followup to Geode, but here’s to hoping that we’ll be adding this to our top records of the year for 2018.

Hit play below, and good luck getting it out of your head!

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