CAPPA Celebrates Independence, Achieves Indie Pop Greatness with New Single “I’m Good”


You already know that she’s a goddess, and not like the other girls, but if any of you scrubs out there were thinking of chasing after budding electro-pop starlet CAPPA, here’s her response: “I’m Good.” Back with her first official single of 2016, the local indie songstress, still riding high on her career-defining past year, recently dropped this empowering anthem of female independence, which she describes as “declaring that you can be so much happier alone than hanging on some random person’s arm.”

With each passing release as she inches towards inevitable indie pop royalty, CAPPA’s style becomes more defined, her voice more fully-realized, and her sound more indispensable. “I’m Good” has a lot to unpack, but it lands with the contemporary flair of Hasley, the unwavering charm of Carly Rae Jepsen, the electronic punch of Diplo, and the intangible, enigmatic hypnotism of Taylor Swift- not to say that it sounds like any of those artists, per se, because CAPPA finally sounds exactly like CAPPA, and, from what we’ve heard, this single is just the start to her biggest year yet. Stay tuned.

Hit play below, show “I’m Good” some love on The Hype Machine, and get ready to leave feeling like you can take on the town alone because you’re awesome. Yes you. And this is your new anthem.

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  1. “Goddess” and “indie pop royalty”. Come on, man. I understand you want to promote local artists, especially artists you have been in on for a while. But this reads like a review for a Madonna song circa 1980.

    • The former is a reference to a song title (try the link), and the latter (note the mention of “inevitability,” not a stated current fact) is an educated guess based on the 6 million+ streams and national attention this local pop artist has received over the past year. Thanks for reading.


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