Diarrhea Planet Drop “Bob Dylan’s Grandma” Ahead of June 10 Album Release


We’re only a month out from the release of the highly anticipated new LP, Turn To Gold, from local party punk shredders Diarrhea Planet.  We’ve already shared the first two singles “Life Pass” and “Let It Out” from the record, which will be released via Infinity Cat on June 10, and the Belmont products have just dropped another single titled “Bob Dylan’s Grandma.”  The upcoming album was recorded by Grammy winning engineer Vance Powell, who used his live recording experience try to capture the magic of DP’s live show, and you can definitely hear the soaring guitars and drums, which were recorded live in the same room, on the new single.

The path has been practically vertical for the local group since their 2013 sophomore full-length release I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams and the 2014 followup EP Aliens In The Outfield, and the trajectory has seen them playing bigger and bigger stages for increasingly large packs of rabid fans.  If you are still in the dark on Diarrhea Planet, their live show is what really powers this outfit, and you can check out the full set from their recent Freakin’ Weekend appearance in Nashville to get a taste.

If you want to check out a really great piece from Buzzfeed, head here to read an in-depth expose they did with DP in Nashville, or just trust Stereogum, who correctly noted, “If Diarrhea Planet don’t blow the fuck up this year, something is seriously wrong with the world.” Hear “Bob Dylan’s Grandma” below!

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