Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’16: Number 5


Bonnaroo‘s annual lineup guessing game, Roo Clues, is currently underway, and, similar to last year, it seems that they’ll all be Instagram-based word games (a definite shift from past years with real-life scavenger hunts and elaborate riddles, but we’ll take it). In total, ten clues are set to drop, likely two per week, and will provide hints as to who we can expect to see at this year’s fest. Once again, we’re putting our expert sleuthing skills to work, and doing our best to solve each and every one. After the jump, check out who you can expect to see this summer on the farm!

Here’s Roo Clue #5:


  • This one seems tricky on the surface, but once you start peeling away layers, the answers feel very sound.
  • Cockroach-devouring immediately calls to mind Tyler, the Creator’s career-making video for “Yonkers,” in which he literally (or at least appears to) devour a live cockroach. Watch it below.
  • That alone isn’t conclusive, but the group Tyler is famous for leading is Odd Future, who could loosely be described as a “band” or collective of hip hop artists and creative talents.
  • Their full name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, so the “wolf gang” would be the “deer-slaying brethren,” you know, since that’s exactly what a gang of wolves would do: slay deer.
  • While an architect isn’t exactly a “creator” so much as a planner and overseer, it seems like that’s what it’s leading us to assume. Alternately, Tyler is the “architect” of Odd Future’s sound and their brand and label.
  • Any one of those things might feel like a stretch, but all of them together feel like a certainty. A quick check shows a wide open schedule, so we’re calling it. [verdict: almost definite]

Tyler, the Creator has never played Bonnaroo, so this would be a pretty big deal, if correct.

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