Faux Ferocious Drop Self-Titled Infinity Cat Cassette

Body 3-FauxFerocious-BabesInBoyland-StoneFox-01-25-15-3485

Local tastemaking indie label and friends of the blog Infinity Cat Recordings are up to their oooold tricks again, in the form of year two of their Cassette Series, curated by curated by Casey Weissbuch. Daddy Issues, who’ve been raving about lately, kicked off the second annual, limited edition run, and, now, we are happy to report that this year’s second entry is from Faux Ferocious, whose self-titled Infinity Cat debut comes out TODAY!! As with all cassette series releases, it will be limited to just 350 colored copies, and once they are gone, that’s it, so make with the clicks, and get to Infinity Cat’s home page right here.

Fans of the blog know we’ve covered Faux Ferocious before (read here, or here), so we can’t wait to hear what new fuzzy pop rock punches and atmospheric licks they have on deck to share. Don’t forget to grab a cassette while you can, and check out their next gig this Tuesday, Sept. 8 at Fond Object. Have a taste of the record with first single “Nowhere To Go,” below.

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