[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Fleurie Debuts “Sparks” Ahead of ‘Arrows’ EP


The live moniker of Michigan transplant Lauren Strahm, dreamy, synth pop singer-songwriter Fleurie is an artist we first experienced live at a recent Cause a Scene show with Foreign Fields, and subsequently recruited for our curated block at last month’s Outlaw Roadshow. To put it mildly, we were blown away both times. Today, we’re incredibly excited to exclusively present the talented singer’s latest single, “Sparks,” which will be available on digital retailers tomorrow, and will come as an immediate download (along with “Fire in My Bones”) for all pre-orders of her upcoming EP, Arrows.

Fleurie has seemingly undergone something of a musical transition of of late. While she has plenty of material floating around already, specifically from her 2013 EP Fear & Fable, the bulk of it takes a more straightforward, piano-driven, pop rock approach, a la Regina Spektor. Even then, with the occasional layered instrumentation and atmospheric production, there were hints of the Fleurie to come, but it wasn’t until “Fire in My Bones,” the lead single out ahead of the Sept. 4 release of her upcoming EP, that Strahm finally showcased to the world the sound we experienced live. More experimental, dreamy, and ethereal in nature, Fleurie’s new direction melds her piano pop background with sweeping synths, electronics, and stylized production, all stitched together by her enchanting vocals and earnest, introspective lyricism. The explosive, confident sound of an artist transcending from unique talent to decisive trailblazer, Fleurie’s lush new sound, at once profoundly layered and tastefully minimalistic, benefits from her own co-production, and just begs for the world to take notice.

Produced by Matt Stanfield (session player for Kelly Clarkson) and mixed by Dave Schiffman (Haim, Charli XCX, Brandon Flowers), “Sparks” is decisively a love song. According to Strahm, “It’s about that moment you realize you’ve fallen in love. Whether it’s love at first sight, or oh my gosh you’re my best friend and I’m in love with you. The song is about when that feeling hits you for the first time.” Upbeat, complex, and hypnotic, it continues Fleurie’s transformation into one of Nashville’s most exciting emerging artists, and, we suspect you’ll be playing it on repeat for the rest of the summer. Listen below.

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