Locals Sexx Latest Artists To Be Featured in War Memorial Attic Sessions


Local party punk rockers Sexx are the next band to be featured in the super intimate, stripped down War Memorial Auditorium Attic Sessions performance series. You may remember us covering these sessions before (read this postthis post, or this post), and it has quickly become one of our favorite local Youtube video series. After the jump, you can see the latest from the backstage, private lounge jam session, and feel free to waste the rest of your day watching the rest of the curators’ back catalog.

As for the featured band, Sexx has been our radar for a while, after dropping their debut self-titled EP (2012), a rightious single “Surf City” (2013),  and even a Christmas music sampler entitled  Sexxmas (2014). Word on the street is a new LP is planed for this year, and you can also catch them playing as part of a Weezer tribute show, billed as “The Blue Album vs Pinkerton”, at Mercy Lounge on Oct. 4th for just $7, so don’t miss it! But first things first; click on after the jump and get hip to the rowdy up-and-coming rock band.

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