No Country For New Nashville Podcast | Episode 8: CAPPA


In the latest edition of our No Country For New Nashville Podcast, we sat down with Carla Cappa, the local indie pop songstress (and site favorite) on the rise who recently rebranded herself as CAPPA, and is prepping to release a new EP this Tuesday, May 26, the same day she’s set to perform at our latest Acme Feed & Seed showcase.

Returning from an extended hiatus, episode eight marks our first podcast hosted by assistant editor Philip Obenschain. Don’t forget to check out previous episodes, helmed by Brad Wilson, featuring Brooke Waggoner, JT Daly of Paper Route, Vinyl ThiefCanon Blue, Ben Elkins of ELEL, John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory, and Alanna Royale. Episode eight is sponsored by local lifestyle brand DCXV Industries, with theme music from John Davis.

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