Diarrhea Planet Premiere “Peg Daddy,” Ahead New EP, Two-Nights at Exit/In


Leading up to the highly-anticipated Nov. 18 release of their new EP, Aliens in the Outfield, Nashville natives and Infinity Cat darlings Diarrhea Planet have, so far, released new tracks “Platinum Girls” (which was accompanied by a Pete & Pete inspired music video), “Spooners,” “Heat Wave,”, and “Bamboo Curtain,” and have announced Dec. 30 + 31 shows at Exit/In to help you rock into the new year. Just weeks before their EP drops, Music City’s patron saints of rock and roll are back with fifth and final track “Peg Daddy,” which premiered today via Alternative Press. It starts out atypically calm for a DP track, but quickly explodes into their signature thick, guitar-heaven, pop/garage punk sound.

Head HERE to listen now!

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