Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds to Play The High Watt | Mar. 21st

Sister Sparrow

Welp music fans, it’s official: the spring touring season is finally upon us. There’s a ton of fantastic shows coming up (and we mean a ton), and we couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s a lot to look forward to, including the St. Paul and the Broken Bones show tonight and Com Truise on the 9th. Oh yeah, and two nights of Weezer at the Ryman at the beginning of April. You can find the deets on all these in our music calendar, but today we’d like to ask you to bust out your personal calendars and mark the date March 21st. Why’s that? That’s the evening that when 8-piece funk/soul revival/blues artisans Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds will be taking the stage of The High Watt. We’re pretty stoked for this, and frankly you should be too. You can go ahead and pick up your tickets now for a measly $10 through this link. If you haven’t heard of Sister Sparrow yet, we implore you, nay, urge you to take a listen and read up on the band with us after the jump.

 One of the most critical staples of a successful soul act is attractiveness. Now, we don’t mean to say attractiveness in the sense that the members must be good looking (although singer Arleigh Kincheloe aka Sister Sparrow definitely has that front covered), but instead that the band has to create a certain magnetism and insatiable desire in the audience. Without a doubt, this intense longing to listen to more of Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds that the band plays off so expertly is their strongest suit. The band creates this desire through a combination of a tasteful horn lines, an impressively deep connection between the members of the rhythm section, and of course, startling powerful vocals. Most of all though, it’s obvious that in both recordings and live shows, these guys are having a lot of fun doing their thing. Just check out the video below and try to tell us they aren’t having a swinging good time. You, too, could have this entertaining experience by simply spending $10 on a ticket to see their show on March 21st.

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  1. The headline reads March 21st but the text says March 31. Can you correct this please? The date is actually March 21.

    • Sure thing! Thanks for catching our typos.


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