*repeat repeat Premiere New Single “Chemical Reaction”


Nashville’s *repeat repeat have premiered a brand new single, “Chemical Reaction,” ahead of their debut full-length. The official album announcement will arrive Feb. 12, along with pre-sales, and we suspect a show announcement won’t be far behind. For now, you can stream “Chemical Reaction” after the jump, and snag a copy on iTunes if you dig it, and want to support a local artist.

A bit darker than prior releases “12345678” and “History,” the trio’s latest single still showcases their signature surf-rock sound, but ventures deeper into the territories of indie rock and alternative, with singers Jared and Kristyn Corder, especially, channeling a ferocity not previously heard in their vocal tradeoffs. If the group’s first and second singles were meant for summer and fall, respectively, this one’s surely a winter song. The production is the band’s tightest yet, as well, and has us eagerly anticipating their full-length. Keep an eye out for details soon!

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