Speedy Ortiz at The Stone Fox TONIGHT!!

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Catching Speedy Ortiz at The Stone Fox tonight will be a wise decision! They’re the kind of self-assertive, minimalist fuzz-rock band that is fueled by a live connection of raw lyrics and punk pit groove endorphins. Their latest album, Major Arcana, was inspired by a book lead singer Sadie Dupuis (a young, ominous songwriter-poet / writing and composition teacher) read about the history of the occult. READ ON>>>


Major Arcana features lyrics like:

Gather round so empty now / All you got is spineless sound / I want the truth even if I gotta rip it from you


Medicate me now I’m slumping / Cause I’ve got nothin, I’ve got nothin / Why you take and take me my friend I’ve got nothin, I’ve got nothin / Moral is you’re moral-less but you left somethin on my lips a mark so sick, a mark so sick

Her thoughts aren’t all perfect darkness, she humors in her writing as well, like in this recent tweet:

On February 11, the Northampton, MA road warriors will release Real Hair, a 4-track nugget that reveals a new chapter with the same entanglement of enthrallment of their previous art, featuring lyrics such as “someone who sleeps with her neck in reverse.”

Pre-order Real Hair on orange vinyl / Facebook / Twitter / Spotify


GRASS IS GREEN defines their genre as “post-dick wave.” Enough said! Listen & ponder…


Guess what? Gnarwal was born in Nashville in “2007ish.” You know how you can tell? Because they’re pretty great players. Chappy Hull (guitars/ vocals) has an awesome scream voice to combat with Tyler Coburn’s (drums / “sometimes vocals”) sickening energized, double bass beats.

Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Greener, and Gnarwal will perform TONIGHT at The Stone Fox. The show is 18+, begins at 9:00pm (doors at 8:00pm), and tickets are available for $7.

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