New Chancellor Warhol Single Coming Dec. 9; Hear Wick-it the Instigator Collab, “Heisenberg,” Now


Are you eagerly anticipating Chancellor Warhol‘s new album, Paris Is Burning, as much as we are? You’ve already gotten a taste of “The Kennedy’s” and “Au Revoir,” and we brought you our off-the-cuff take on the album, after getting the unique opportunity to attend a listening party at the Sudekum Planetarium. Paris Is Burning is *finally* expected to arrive early next year (look for an announcement soon), and we’re salivating at the thought of giving it other spin, but, first, it looks like Warhol will be dropping a third single. According the rapper’s twitter, we can expect “Nothing” to arrive Dec. 9 (and a video for “Au Revoir” sometime in the near future as well). Check out the announcement:


If you can’t wait a week for some fresh material from Chance, you can catch him spitting a guest verse on “Heisenberg,” a Breaking Bad-inspired track on local DJ/producer Wick-it the Instigator’s new mixtape, Rise of the Flabongos. Stream it below (“Heisenberg” kicks in right after the intro), or download here.

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