[PREVIEW] Communion Nashville | Rubblebucket, Roadkill Ghost Choir, & more! | TONIGHT @ Mercy Lounge & The High Watt


Back in 2006, Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons, Kevin Jones of Bear’s Den, and producer Ian Grimble came together for just one goal: to promote some of the best emerging music in London. Called Communion, the project quickly grew into an active community of musicians, some of whom saw real success because of the event. Communion eventually moved to the US and set up shows across the country. Most notable for us at No Country is their monthly Nashville show, which returns tonight to Mercy Lounge and The High Watt. This month’s show will feature tons of bands, including Yacht Club DJs, T. Hardy Morris, Rubblebucket, Cory Branan, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Willy Mason, and Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy. You can see all these bands for only $15; remember that doors open at 7 PM, and music will start around 8. The show is 18+.


If the music of the Yacht Club DJs had to be summed up into one word, it would undoubtedly be fun. The duo knows how to put on a great show, which typically features a host of mashups of songs that the audience long ago forgot that they knew. Of course, high energy music combined with nostalgia is quite an effective recipe for success, and as a result the Yacht Club DJs typically throw highly energetic shows that get a great audience response.


In a stark contrast from the Yacht Club DJs, T. Hardy Morris is an emotional singer-songwriter that knows exactly how to tug on the heart strings of the audience. In many ways, Morris seems to be a modern incarnation of Elliott Smith, but Morris also brings a fair amount of 70’s influenced songwriting tactics that help him to carve out quite a unique niche in today’s music industry.


It’s no secret that we love Rubblebucket here at No Country. You might have picked that up from our strong suggestions that you see them during Forecastle Fest or maybe because we decided they were our number two favorite show of all of 2012. If you still haven’t gone to check out this killer band, tonight could be your night. Rubblebucket are known for synthesizing catchy tunes with a highly energetic stage show, which typically includes some pretty spectacular on-stage dancers and quite a large helping of stage dives.


Often times, it seems that songwriting has moved away from storytelling. More and more musicians choose to sing only about partying or clubs or generic love, and sometimes, it seems the art of telling a personalized, heart wrenching tale through music has been lost. If you’ve ever felt like that, rejoice in the fact that Cory Branan still exists and is in the upswing of his career. The singer-songwriter’s music is organic, raw, and most importantly, moving. Each song takes listeners through a section of Branan’s life, but in a way that makes it incredibly easy to see some of their own lives in it as well. Truly, Branan is a powerful musician, and is quite deserving of the $12 it would take to come see him tonight.


Roadkill Ghost Choir are one of those bands that all of sudden everybody is talking about. There is, of course, a perfectly good reason for all the buzz: Roadkill Ghost Choir are really good. Their vocal harmonies, indie charm, and poignant lyricism is reminiscent of long fall evenings spent with a cup of tea and some heavy thoughts. The Florida Natives are powerful enough in their recordings, but their live show might just be one of the most hauntingly sentimental shows you could see.


Willy Mason likely will be the most established musician playing Community this month, but his unique take on the acoustic folk genre is certainly worth being heard. The thing about Mason’s music is that there isn’t really a precedent for it; his deep vocals, minimalistic instrumentation, and quivering falsetto notes certainly call upon his influences, but also seem to exist in a realm entirely of their own. The very best for you to gain access to this realm is to come see this talented musician tonight at The High Watt!


Are you a fan of the female fronted country movement that’s been sweeping the nation for quite some time? Then you’ll probably want to check out Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy, whose unique take on country traditions somehow makes the music feel more genuine. Tucker doesn’t confine herself to country music either; be expecting tinges of soul and blues throughout the night.

Community featuring Yacht Club DJs, Rubblebucket, T. Hardy Morris, Cory Branan, Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy, Willy Mason, Roadkill Ghost Choir and Curtis Harding will perform tonight (10/10) at Mercy Lounge and The High Watt. The show is 18+, begins at 8pm (doors at 7pm), and tickets are available for $15.

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