Kink Ador release perfect summertime video, “Sunshine”


Welp, it sure is one rainy Independence Day, huh gang? Sorry to hear of all the cancelled BBQs and dampened outdoor debauchery previously planned in our nation’s honor. But fear not, take a break from watching MTV’s 12 hours of actual music video airplay (seriously, it’s pretty spectacular, more on that next week) and enjoy this shot of “Sunshine” courtesy of local rock-n-rollers, Kink Ador. Kink Ador is Sharon Koltick, Nicklas Hamilton, and Josh Lockridge and they have cooked up a new video that is totally at home amidst our Splash Back to swimming pools scenes in the 90s.

Sharon tells us this video was a total homegrown, DIY effort with a Go Pro camera and the help of friends. The tune is a tribute to the time honored tradition of cross country road trips and is spectacularly fun. So toss out your light therapy lamp and appreciate the power of vitamin D via this jam below.

If you love what you’re hearing, you’re in luck. You can catch Kink Ador at Soulshine Pizza tomorrow night at 6:30pm for FREE! More info about the band at their official site. Now, back to MTV, because they’re playing Cake‘s “The Distance” and I’m partying like it’s 1996.


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