[Recap] No Country’s Two Year Anniversary Party w/ El El, Colorfeels, and the Beck Song Reader

First off, a sincere heartfelt thank you for those that came out to The Basement onNoCountry Happy Birthday Saturday night. With almost 50 of our favorite musicians in attendance to support our birthday soiree, it is hard to imagine how it wouldn’t be a special night. We heard rave reviews of El El and got to finish things off with an amazingly groovy set from Colorfeels.  The highlight of the night was listening to some of Nashville’s best musicians tear through, what is apparently the follow up to Sea Change, arrangements of Beck’s new Song Reader album. We ripped through 12 of the 20 unrecorded songs, and it was amazing to hear the diversity of the artists on the bill.

The Beck portion of the night got started with the hysterical Steve Lee of Yumzah! doing his take of “Old Shanghai” after a very well timed public service announcement about texting and driving. That was followed up with Jared Corder of *repeat repeat bravely tackling “I’m Down” and “The Wolf On The Hill” solo with a looping pedal and electric guitar. Park Chisolm took over the lead man role for a rocking alt-country take of “Saint Dude”.  His wife, Sara Beck took the stage after with only Park on accompaniment to literally silence the crowd with her absolutely gorgeous take of “America, Here’s My Boy”.  Ben Elkins and partically every artist in attendance took part for his insanely upbeat  version of “I’m Sorry”.  Anna Haas took the reins to run through two heartbreakingly beautiful songs “Why Did You Make Me Care?” and “Please Leave The Light On When You Go”.  You wouldn’t even believe the Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes arrangements of “Title Of This Song” and, the sure-to-be-added to their live set, “Rough On Rats.”  Milktooth finished out the night with the now infamous “Eyes That Say I Love You” with special guest appearances by Alanna Royale and Lindsey Johns.  And, their run of “Do We? We Do” with the Nashville Horns finished the song reader out with a bang.

We hit the record button on both audio and video of the night, and we hope to share this with you guys in the upcoming days.  In the meantime, you can check out a few of our favorite pics from the night from Shawn Jackson of Sundel Perry Photography.

Thanks again to everyone, artists and fans, who supported us on Saturday, and everyone that has supported us for the first two years!



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