Kickstarter of the Week: I BELIEVE IN US


It’s clear that crowd funding is the future. In recent months and weeks, we’ve told you about several great Kickstarters from local artists. Some of those, like States and Honey Locust, are still running, and could still use your help. Crowd funding is a great way to help independent artists, creators, and dreamers make the most liberated, fully-realized versions of the creative endeavors, and gives fans a way to get involved and support projects that they believe in. Not just limited to musicians, Kickstarter also aids projects in categories like technology, film, photography, visual art, games, design, and more.

Since so many creative people live in Nashville, it should come as no surprise that at any given time, plenty of great local Kickstarters are seeking funding. We’ve already made a habit of spotlighting the ones that grab our attention, so we’re going to go ahead and make it a recurring feature, selecting a new project each week that we believe warrants your attention. We won’t just limit it to Kickstarter, since there are other great crowd funding sites like Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and more, but you get the point.


To kick things off, we’re bringing you the I BELIEVE IN US campaign. Spearheaded by Adrien Saporiti, creator of the I Believe in Nashville campaign and DCXV, I BELIEVE seeks to take the spirit and design of the I Believe in Nashville, and spread it across the nation. From the Kickstarter:

I BELIEVE IN US is the idea that on the most basic levels, we are connected. Whether on a local or a national level, we are ultimately one community. Above all divides, I BELIEVE IN US is the idea that as different as we are, we will determine our future. Together.

We love that I Believe has become such ubiquitous symbol the city of Nashville, and can’t wait to see other cities share in this special movement. You can check out I BELIEVE’s Kickstarter video after the jump, and donate here if you want to help the campaign get funded. Prize levels include great shirts, posters, and more!


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