Third Shift Spotlight: The Wild Cub Interview!

We are in the final countdown to the SXSW Send-Off Show on Saturday, and we couldn’t happier to be spotlighting Wild Cub in this slot.  As you all clearly know by now, we’ve teamed up Third Shift Amber Lager along with our pals at Elevent Productions, East Nashville Underground, and Electric Western to make this all happen.


It’s pretty awesome that we publish this spotlight only two days after the first Road To Bonnaroo of 2013.  Wild Cub took home the honor during the second round of 2012, and it has clearly opened doors for these guys.  We gave them a shout out in our Best Record of 2012 announcement just a couple of months ago, and, after seeing them at the Fall 2012 East Nashville Underground festival, we immediately dubbed them as an emerging artist for Deli Nashville’s 2012 poll.  Their release of the LP Youth last year was quite a statement, and their official selection to represent Nashville at SXSW this year is just another example of the upward trend with this band.  You know it’s heading in the right direction when you premier in the UK based Guardian, as they did with the video for “Thunder Clatter” below.


For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to see Wild Cub, it is a high energy pop-rock driven sound that only the dead can’t dance to.  You are all in for a real treat on Saturday night, when Wild Cub takes the stage for the middle set at the Mercy Lounge stage.  We had the opportunity to ask Keegan DeWitt from Wild Cub a few questions, so have a listen to Youth below, while you get to know this up-and-pretty-much-already-there Nashville band.


No Country: We’ve been following the growth of Wild Cub for a while, and it is fitting that we are talking to you mere days after the first Road To Bonnaroo competition of 2013.  You won that last year, how was that experience for you guys?

Wild Cub: Really great. It started off our busy year in a really fantastic way. Getting the opportunity to catch a bunch of bands we really admired, standing side stage and just sorta learning… that was a a huge perk. We made a priority of catching Little Dragon and SBTRKT to see how they were translating their records live, both were stunning.

NC: What music has been influential to your sound?

WC: We definitely all listen and search for music constantly. I can definitely tell you some of our favorite records that get a lot of play in the van. Chairlift, SBTRKT, Disclosure, Miguel, Kindness, Jai Paul, DIIV. It’s a long list. Although we’re always DOING music, each of us is still obsessed with discovering and sharing new exciting bands/tracks.

NC: What is your guilty pleasure music?

WC: I can and do (and deeply enjoy) singing the entirey of USHER’s Confessions record from front to back. Usually I wait until Jeremy makes the mistake of sitting shot gun in the van, then I can sorta address it like a small play directly to him, much to his dissapointment. Also, the track “Strip”, by Chris Brown, is incredible. Check it out. It’s sorta like if “Thunder Clatter” were a super raunchy hip hop song.

NC: How many times have you done SX?  Can you tell us about your typical SX experience.

WC: We have done it about 4 or 5 times. I usually go the entire time, because I have also had a film that I scored each year. Thankfully I got to do Sundance this year instead so it’s a quicker week. It’s insanity. Sorta think Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, but a music festival. Very post-apocalyptic.

NC: Who are you most excited to see on March 2nd?

WC: I love Jacob and his work. It’s also always fascinating to behold the spectacle that is The Protomen.

NC: Who are you excited about in Nashville right now?

WC: Caitlin Rose’s new record is out of this world good. It features a cover of one of my favorite Nashville bands, The Deep Vibration. I’m also excited for Tristen’s new record. Lastly, Bryan Cates is the best in town, hands down.

NC: What is coming up for Keegan and Wild Cub that we should be looking out for?

WC: 8 shows at SXSW, Hang Out Fest, vinyl re-issue of “Youth” this spring, more festivals this summer.

NC: They say it never hurts to ask, so we’ve asked everyone we’ve interviewed so far… Do you have an RV we can borrow for Bonnaroo?

WC: I wish.  Although, if you find one, good luck with the bathrooms on those things. Seems like a horror story waiting to happen.

NC: Thanks Keegan.  See you on Saturday!


You can find out more about Wild Cub at their website, Facebook page, & Twitter.  For more information about the event, please check out the Facebook page or the event page on the blog.  Remember this is a free event for those 21 and up, and it is first come – first served, so get there early.  Third Shift Amber Lager is going to buy your first beer, and offer discounted libations for the rest of the evening.  Your admission is totally free, so, really, how can you go wrong with this show?  That’s right, you can’t.  Get your ass out to the party, and support your local music scene.


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