Lightning 100 Still Accepting Submissions for Music City Mayhem

music city mayhem

Attention Artists:

You think you have what it takes to make it in this town, or you wouldn’t spend all your time and hard earned money doing what you do.  So, why wouldn’t you enter to win a spot on the radio in Nashville?  Lightning 100 has teamed up with “Welcome to 1979” studio, Jackalope Brewing, and Live On The Green to sponsor the 5th Annual Music City Mayhem competition.

Music City Mayhem is a fan driven competition between 32 local artists for a chance to win a month of heavy radio play on Lightning 100, 3 days of studio time with an engineer at Welcome To 1979, and a slot to play at a Live On The Green show in 2013.  32 bands will be chosen by Lightning 100 for the competition, and the end of the event will culminate in a live performance showdown for the four finalists on April 12th (venue TBA).  The winning band will be chosen through a fan driven voting process similar to Road To Bonnaroo, and past winners include: Moon Taxi, Hightide Blues, Eastern Block, and Roots of Rebellion.

If you think you have the chops, submit your band here, and start practicing.  Submissions are due by midnight on February 14th!  Good luck!


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    I would love for you to review my music and consider it to be featured.

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