Das Racist in Nashville!!!

You know Das Racist?  The hysterical, not-afraid-to-rap-over-anything dudes from NY?  The dudes that rapped over Billy Joel in “You Oughta Know”, brought you the inspirationally confusing “Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut” which followed into the hysterical White Castle opening lyrics to start the following song “Rainbow In The Dark”….. and all of this was from the debut “mixtape” Shut Up, DudeRolling Stone declared the song “hahahaha jk?” from the following “mixtape”, Sit Down, Man, one of the best singles from 2010.

Das Racist is now about to drop (on September 13th) their first commercial release, Relax, on their own Greedhead Music label, and there is an upcoming tour to support.  This tour will stop in Nashville on October 13th at Exit/In.  The $12 tickets aren’t on sale yet, but I will let you know when they are.  I know a lot of times hip-hop doesn’t really translate with a live performance, but I will be at this one for sure.  At the very least, you are guaranteed to get a contact high from all the strange smelling smoke in the crowd.

Hear a few Das Racist tracks below.

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