[Review] Angel Olsen + Cian Nugent + Natalie Prass at The Stone Fox 2.22.14

Angel Olsen by Zia AngerAngel Olsen. Photo by Zia Anger

Angel Olsen, Cian Nugent, Natalie Prass
The Stone Fox, Nashville, TN
February 22, 2014
Review by Lindsey Thompson

One of the many positives of living in Nashville is that during certain performances, the entire crowd will shut the hell up and give complete, undivided attention. When that happens, you know it’s “one of those shows” and on February 22 during Angel Olsen’s performance (with Cian Nugent + Natalie Prass)  at The Stone Fox, the stillness was so astounding that you could hardly breathe.

[Photos + Review] Music City Burlesque’s Cabin Fever Peep Show | 2.8.14 at Marathon Music Works

Shan De Leers by La Photographie NashvilleShan De Leers by La Photographie Nashville

Music City Burlesque’s Cabin Fever Peep Show 2014
Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN
February 8
Review by Lindsey Thompson
Photos by La Photographie Nashville

Marathon Music Works never looked sexier. You could taste the AXE body spray and Orbit gum in the air. Both men AND women were cat calling, clutching each other in raw intensity as the red healed beauty hypnotized. The empowering statuesque of female sexuality bared her soul on stage to the intimate crowd of VIP tables (worth it!) and onlookers. She entranced, casting a spell that caused tunnel vision. There was nothing deviant about it. The vision of a fearless and prideful woman took on a new face with unique personality as the ladies of Music City Burlesque traded the demand on stage, expressing a femininity that protruded into the fiber of every being in attendance. CONTINUE READING

[Review] Jasmin Kaset, Rayland Baxter & Ponychase | 1.31.14 @ The Basement

Jasmin Kaset Quiet Machine cover

Jasmin Kaset
w/ Rayland Baxter, Ponychase

The Basement; Nashville, TN
January 31, 2014

Review by Lindsey Thompson

“Don’t EVER go to the bathroom! I’ve never seen so many people in here before,” said a local Nashvillian in response to the crowd at The Basement celebrating the release of Jasmin Kaset’s Quiet Machine with Ponychase and Rayland Baxter. It was one of those nights that turned humans into sardines for good reason…

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[Preview]: Angel Olsen @ The Stone Fox 2/22 w/ Natalie Prass & Cian Nugent

Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Angel Olsen will play at The Stone Fox on Saturday, Feb. 22 to celebrate the release of her brand new critically acclaimed album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness via Jagjaguwar with producer John Congleton (David Byrne, St. Vincent, The Black Angels, The Walkmen). The record is haunting, sounding as if it could have been captured within the confines of HAIL after a moonlit seance in Woodlawn of Memorial Park. Olsen’s voice stirs like an old country croon (think ghost of Patsy Cline, Judy Garland) with heavy restraint and animalistic intensity. Her sparse and quiet moments can shadow but in a breath, cast piercing light. Olsen delivers the cutting chill of her home base Chicago, eerily and evocatively with a heated paranoia that makes one question, how the hell did you miss this one Jack White?

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Penicillin Baby Releases New Music Video | “Private School Kids”

Penicillin Baby

We have been in love with the lo-fi psychedelics of Penicillin Baby since the first time we heard Jams: Volume 1 and they just keep giving us reasons to fall deeper. Today, the band releases their debut 7″ vinyl with Jeffery Drag Records (Turbo Fruits, Natural Child) / Frenchkiss Label Group, featuring “Private School Kids” and “Morning Time” (also available on iTunes), along with the kaleidoscopic video for “Private School Kids.” The visual is in full technicolor P-baby fashion with the perfect amount of oddity that showcases hip Nashville uniqueness. Escape the mundane, get dazed and confused…