Brooke Alexx Unveils Dance-Filled, Self-Directed “Downplay” Music Video


Just last week we were singing the praises of local pop singer Brooke Alexx, whose debut EP, Me, marked one of our favorite records of last year. If you haven’t already, check out that feature, where gave you the rundown on Brooke and her place in the local pop scene, and gushed over her latest single, “Downplay.”

Like her prior work, “Downplay” both flexes Alexx’s musical range, fusing indie pop with hints of electronic, reggae, and dance music, as well as her clever lyrical prowess, juxtaposing a desire to downplay the aftermath of a breakup while internally harboring lingering feelings. The first of what we’re told will be a series of new singles which will receive accompanying video spots, “Downplay”‘s official music video just dropped on the heels of the track, and you can watch it right now below!

A vibrant, stylish, and immaculate visual aesthetic is one of the strongest assets (in conjunction with her incredible natural talent) that already makes Brooke Alexx feel like an accomplished pop star, and “Downplay,” like her previous video spot for “Bored” last year, is absolutely awash with cool, eye-popping visual flair. Notably Alexx, who co-directed “Bored,” steps into directing and editing duty all alone here (a true multi-faceted creative talent), with cinematography from Gian Marco Dela Cruz, and choreography from Joy Spears, who, along with Madison Fendley and Lauren Tucker, star alongside Brooke with some absolutely impressive dance moves, bringing all the more pop decadence and production value rarely seen in videos for up and coming artists.

Shot mostly in the style of long, moving one-takes, all set in various rooms of a house, the video so perfectly suits the fun, dance-primed nature of the song, and further fuels our opinion that Brooke Alexx is primed to be one of Nashville’s biggest breakout artists in no time. Watch “Downplay” below, and keep an eye out for more music from Brooke in the coming months!

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