Local Teen Pop Artist GAYLE Makes Impressive Introduction with New Single “dumbass”


At only 15, Nashville based GAYLE is already an artist to watch, managing to amass an impressive social media following and generate an immediate wave of online hype for her brand new single, “dumbass”– not the young singer’s first (she’s been making music and playing shows for an astonishing amount of years already), but apparently the first under her GAYLE pop moniker.

Raised in Dallas, the rising talent convinced her entire family to uproot and move to Nashville a few years ago, as her musical ambitions became more and more all-consuming, and, clearly, after assimilating into the local songwriter community and immersing herself in contemporary pop, the past few years of artistic growth have manifested into a stunningly great first track. Just days after a teen made history at the Grammys, it should come as no surprise that with youth comes youthful perspetive, and though nothing about “dumbass” is childish (in fact, it’s thematically very mature for a singer who can’t even legally drive yet), it certainly benefits from the throughly modern, internet-bred authentic aesthetic that only members of Gen-Z can best capture.

And, most importantly, it’s simply a bop; a fantastic single that is primed to dominate many a trendy playlist. We’ll have more exciting GAYLE related news for you very soon, but, for now, stream “dumbass” below or on your platform of choice, and catch the young singer for free Feb. 10, at another free installment of BMI’s 8 Off 8th series at Mercy Lounge (details here)!

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