[REMINDER] Catch Steel Panther w/ Wilson & True Villains | TONIGHT @ Marathon Music Works


Postponed from an original date of March 6 (all original tickets will still be honored), LA’s Steel Panther, a satirical throwback to ’80s and glam metal, are finally set to roll back through Marathon Music Works tonight, May 25, along with Detroit hard rockers Wilson and Nashville’s own True Villains. If you’re an old school metalhead, or if you just like to laugh, you’ll definitely be entertained; tongue in cheek though they are, Steel Panther sincerely crank out some great tunes, and their raunchy, raucous persona is something you just don’t see much of these days. Head here for tickets, then read on more about about the show!


Steel Panther‘s story is a long and unlikely one. Emerging nearly 20 years ago from the LA scene, and formerly participating in actual, unironic metal groups, the band first rose to prominence as a part glam metal cover act, part joke/parody band with a residency at the Key Club under the moniker Metal Skool. As they increased their output into original material, Steel Panther began to amass viral buzz, and, by 2009, they had released an album under their new name, and began to tour with many of the acts who pioneered the sound they satirize, eventually releasing three more full-lengths in the decade since. Adopting the look and sound and ’80s SoCal glam metal decadence, and lampooning the culture in the most loving and retrospective way, Steel Panther’s real defining quality comes from the ironic fact that they’re making better hair metal in the 2000s than any of the leftover ’80s acts could hope to muster in this day and age, and, despite their joke-band-edness, at their core, they seem to genuinely love and miss that era of music (as do their hardcore fans). Their live show is as fun as it is funny, so dust out your leopard striped pants and bandana, and get ready to rock.


Though Detroit hard rockers Wilson are by no means a satirical group like Steel Panther, their balls-out, party-starting, rowdy attitude and lighthearted affinity for embracing the fun and funny side of rock without taking themselves too seriously definitely makes them a great match. Formed around a decade ago, the band made their full-length debut with 2013’s Full Blast Fuckery, which was followed up in 2015 with Right to Rise, and last year with their latest, Tasty Nasty. Incorporating elements of hip hop and ’90s alternative, they’re a bit of a far-shot from the headliners’ glam leanings, but, nonetheless, will satisfy your desire to rock out, party, and have a blast while doing it.


Opening things up, local rockers True Villains are also a straightforward, non-satirical act, but they harbor the same retro affinity for the days when hard rock and headbanging ruled the land, combining elements of straightforward, no nonsense hard rock energy from eras past, with a modern alt rock bent. They’ve only been around for a few years, but have already gained a reputation as an artist to watch in the hard rock scene, making festival appearances and becoming a go-to supporting act for big-name artists. Their debut EP, Cut Me Loose, dropped back in late 2017, so we expect new tunes on the horizon before long as well. Show up early and show the locals some love!

Steel Panther, Wilson, and True Villains will perform tonight, May 25 at Marathon Music Works. The show is all ages, begins at 8 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $28.

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