Watch Sarah Zanotti’s Cinematic Breakup Video for “Justify (I Hope You’re F*cked Up)”


In an ideal breakup, if there even is such a thing, both parties can step away and wish each other the best. That never happens, though. Embrace the petty, people! Nashville songwriter Sarah Zanotti hits this lane hard with her ballad “Justify (I hope ur f**ked up).” It’s a melodic meditation on being shut out and finding some comfort in that the other person should be miserable, too.

Zanotti’s emotive vocals and a brooding piano soundtracks the video for “Justify (I hope ur f**ked up).” Directed by James Seale and produced by Siobhan McMillen, the piece’s visuals focus on tight shots of Zanotti singing, flashback scenes from a relationship and a fiery ending. “As an actress, I really loved being able to bring my song to life in this femme fatale story,” Zanotti says. “When I wrote the song with my good friend Trina Harmon, we wanted to write a song that speaks to the addictive qualities that so many of us have and how we will justify any action in order to get love and feel wanted or even to stay invulnerable.”

After receiving her degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Zanotti relocated to Nashville to develop her own personal sound. Coming up in 2018, Zanotti plans more visual collaborations with Seale. See how far the addictive need for love pushes her character in the video below.

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