Hear Daddy Issues’ “I’m Not” Ahead of New LP ‘Deep Dream’


Along with the recent announcement of their forthcoming debut full-length, Deep Dream, local grunge pop trio Daddy Issues unveiled lead single “In Your Head,” which, with its bold, direct “fuck you forever” ode to terrible exes and fuzzy gut-punch production (provided by JEFF the Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall) felt like a decisive leap forward into true greatness for the band, who started on a whim just a couple of years ago and learned their instruments along the way.

Raw personality, sarcasm, and pushing thematic boundaries is what made Daddy Issues endearing from the start, but their earlier work, though far from flippant, never seemed to stray too far into super serious territory. With recently-released new single “I’m Not,” which tackles the realities of trauma and impact of sexual abuse and assault, the band showcase a more serious depth and personal urgency, further cementing their newfound position as local band turned rising, powerful feminist fixture of the national punk scene.

Hear “I’m Not” below, and pre-order Deep Dream, which arrives May 19 via Infinity Cat, right here!

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  1. A band who learned their instruments within the past two years is a fixture in the national punk scene? Well okay.

  2. A band that learned their instruments in the past two years is a fixture in the national punk scene? Well okay.


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