[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Uncle Knuckle Fights Self Destruction with Hypnotic “Brush Yer Teeth”


It’s hard to find singularly unique voices in Nashville’s ever-growing swarm of talents, but sometimes you can find that one sound that stands out from the rest. Chris Plank, a.k.a. Uncle Knuckle, has a deep, rich voice that immediately takes hold of the listener. We’re very excited to exclusively share his new tune “Brush Yer Teeth,” a entrancing musical reminder to treat ourselves right. You only live once, after all.

Uncle Knuckle describes his innovative sound as a clever mix of classic songwriting and “Space Odyssey soundtrack b-sides, back lined by beats from your favorite ’80s power ballad.” The self-professed lo-fi junky “presents the struggle in the everyday. Pulling from a life of love, loss, anarchy and motorcycles, every melancholic dance tune sheds light on the next.”

Stay tuned for more new tracks from Uncle Knuckle coming soon, and give a listen to “Brush Yer Teeth” below.

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