[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Trevor James Tillery Unveils Expansive Pop Single “Equilibrium”


Indie pop songwriter Trevor James Tillery is a boomerang resident of Nashville that our city is lucky to have back. After living here from 2010 to 2014, Tillery moved to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career and explore life outside of the South. While on the west coast, he released the In Moonlight EP in March 2016, a dreamy and oftentimes dark exploration on religious detachment, sexual awakening, and modern relationships. Tillery made the move back to Nashville in October, so we’re excited to exclusively premiere his new single “Equilibrium.”

“Equilibrium” is the first track in a collection of monthly single releases called Together.Alone. The song showcases Tillery’s penchant for creating intimate melodies that bloom into wide-eyed, sweeping soundscapes. “Equilibrium” feels like the stepping into the light after being in the dim tunnel that In Moonlight explores.

“I wrote this song with one of my best friends of over ten years, Austin Ryan,” Tillery tells No Country. “It’s a song about yearning for inspiration and hope and then that joy when you find it again.”

Listen to Trevor James Tillery’s “Equilibrium” below.

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