HalfNoise Debuts “French Class” Ahead of ‘Velvet Face’ EP


After more than half a year of speculation, it was revealed earlier this month that ex-ex-Paramore drummer and friend of the site Zac Farro had officially rejoined the famed local group, more than six years after he initially departed; great and exciting news for any longtime fans, ahead of Paramore’s highly-anticipated fifth album.

In case you were concerned about the fate of Zac’s post-Paramore indie pop solo project HalfNoise, now that he’s once again committed to a full-time band, we have some reassuring news. Not only is Zac still moving full speed ahead on his own music, but also, just months after the release of his stellar sophomore LP Sudden Feeling, he has already announced a new EP, Velvet Face, due out March 24 via Congrats Records. After a self-produced and especially electronic and layered turn with his last LP, Farro re-teamed with longtime producer and collaborator Daniel James to record Velvet Face at Nashville’s Pioneer Sound, moving back towards a more organic use of conventional instruments, retro influences, and plenty of pop flair.

Ahead of the EP, HalfNoise recently unveiled lead single “French Class,” and, if it’s any indication, Velvet Face is already on our short list for our favorite local releases of the year. Listen below, and keep an eye out for news on a probable hometown release show.

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