No Country’s Best Nashville Albums of 2016


For the past few years, the No Country team has nominated all of our favorite records of the past year from a “National” and Nashville perspective, then put them to a vote to come up with top ten lists for each. Our team is diverse with individual tastes all across the spectrum, and, accordingly, we usually end up with a huge number of overall albums receiving votes.

Yesterday, we shared our top “National” albums of 2016, and, today, we announce our top Nashville albums of the year. With so much amazing music pouring out of Nashville, it’s always tough to pair our top picks down, and, inevitably, there are plenty of records and EPs we absolutely loved that didn’t make the cut. However, we feel like this batch of albums best represents our collective favorites, and the top two especially stand as a testament to the wide range of important releases catching our attention, name of the site be damned.

Head below to see our top 10 (actually 11, because of ties) overall local albums of 2016, and, if you see one you need to revisit or catch up on, you can follow links to your preferred streaming service. Stay tuned for our individual picks for the top shows we saw this year.

#10 (tie):  Halfnoise – Sudden Feeling [10.21.16 | Congrats Records]
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#10 (tie):  Floralorix – Bloombox [5.6.16 | self-released]
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#9: MYZICA – Matter [9.9.16 | Peptalk Records / Tree Tone Music]
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#8: Natural Child – Okey Dokey [9.16.16 | Natural Child Records and Tapes]
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#6 (tie): ELEL – Geode [10.21.16 | Mom & Pop]
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#6 (tie): Foreign Fields Take Cover [10.28.16 | Independent Label Alliance]
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#5: William Tyler – Modern Country [6.3.16 | Merge]
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#4: Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold [6.10.16 | Infinity Cat]
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#3: Vinyl Thief – Touch EP [7.8.16 | self-released]
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#2: Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide To Earth [4.15.16 | Atlantic]
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#1: Margo Price – Midwest Farmer’s Daughter [3.25.16 | Third Man]
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