Indie Pop Duo Truitt Release Jon Santana Produced Debut EP


If you’ve been following our Spotify playlist, you’ve already been tipped off to the dynamic pop of Truitt. The brother-sister duo recently released their debut self-titled EP that contains five pure pop gems.  Produced by Jon Santana (Cappa, JMR), the Truitt EP features a bevy of lofty choruses, bridges that take us to diverse landscapes, and percussion that really slaps. Brigetta Truitt and Brett Truitt alternate lead vocals on each track, keeping the EP’s flow fresh. The Brent-fronted “Better” and the Brigetta-led “Fallback” would fit nicely in a playlist between Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and Banks’ “Beggin For Thead.” Go ahead, create one yourself, and name it “I’m sad from relationship probs, but not too sad to dance.”

Listen to Truitt’s self-titled EP below and keep an eye on No Country for all the indie pop coming out of Nashville.

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