[No Country Premiere] Watch the Rebirth of Jeff Carl in “Survive” Video

Jeff Carl-620

Contribution by Desire’ Moses

It’s fitting that the music video for “Survive,” the title track from singer-songwriter Jeff Carl’s new 6-song EP, opens to a shot panning the ocean. After all, water is cleansing – a signifier of rebirth – and Carl is in the midst of his own renaissance. Fresh off of a four-year hiatus and a recent move to Nashville, his latest output reflects his personal journey tackling the ups and downs of love and overcoming self-doubt in his creative pursuits.

The stirring track revolves around Carl’s captivating falsetto as he begs the question, “How can I survive / If I’m not alive?” Shot in Florida and New York City by videographer Ryan Carl, the video depicts a narrative of life in New York City interspersed with images of the singer floating in the vast expanse of the ocean. A barrage of guitar work kicks in during the song’s apex, just as the tide turns. The sun sets across the Manhattan skyline as he packs up his belongings in one sequence, while the once-static figure begins swimming with fervor in another. With the singer now washed upon the shore, the song ends in a declaration: “I wanna survive / I am alive.”

Check out the video below to get familiar with this fresh Nashville face!

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