Alt-Pop Project NAWAS Releases “Wrong” And It’s So Right


Louisiana to Nashville alt-pop crew NAWAS got more buzz than our broken AC unit with their debut single, “So Low.” All the things we love about “So Low” are back in the new song “Wrong.” Vocals switch between a falsetto croon and straight anthem mode while production from Sainte shoots the whole joint into the atmosphere. The shift in mood and tone after the three minute mark gives us flashbacks to FutureSex/LoveSounds tracks like “LoveStoned” and “What Goes Around… Comes Around.”

Frontman Jake Nawas explains the shift, saying, “The first half of Wrong is about things getting worse before they get better. It was written during a time when I was confronted with my shortcomings by family. I wasn’t being the son, brother or man I should have been, and, because I have a family who loves me, they told me this and challenged me to do better.

On the latter part of the track, Nawas says, “[It’s] about the juxtaposition of pleasure and pain, specifically sex and death. Pleasure will come as pain will, but without one the other does not exist. “

Listen to “Wrong” below, then hit follow on our Spotify playlist for NAWAS and more new Nashville music.

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