Beck Announces New LP, Drops New Single “Wow”


Those of you that have been with us for a long time know that Beck holds a special place in our heart.  We celebrated an anniversary with him, paid through the nose for third row seats to see him at The Ryman, and jumped for joy when he was announced as a headliner for the second annual Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin later this summer.  In anticipation of a new record due out in October (his first since the Grammy winning Morning Phase in 2014), Beck has dropped a new single “Wow,” which features more of the artist’s mastery of effortless genre blending, incorporating elements of hip-hop, EDM, folk, and world pop.  This new single, along with last summer’s single “Dreams,” are a departure from the incredible, moody, defacto Sea Change follow up which snagged the Album Of The Year honors, and lean back to Beck’s roots from albums like Guero or  Midnight Vultures.  Head below to check out the new single, snag your tickets to see him at Pilgrimage, and get excited for more new music from Beck.

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