Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’16: Number 7


Bonnaroo‘s annual lineup guessing game, Roo Clues, is currently underway, and, similar to last year, it seems that they’ll all be Instagram-based word games (a definite shift from past years with real-life scavenger hunts and elaborate riddles, but we’ll take it). In total, ten clues are set to drop, likely two per week, and will provide hints as to who we can expect to see at this year’s fest. Once again, we’re putting our expert sleuthing skills to work, and doing our best to solve each and every one. After the jump, check out who you can expect to see this summer on the farm!

Here’s Roo Clue #7:


  • This is definitely going to be our craziest guess yet, so bear with us. Also, easily the toughest clue since #3.
  • We can think of so many artists who almost fit, or sort of fit, and a quick scan around forums and message boards shows the greater Bonnaroo community to be just as torn this time. We could force some half-decent guesses to sort of work with some leaps in logic, but that’s not how Roo Clues have been set up this year. They’re more on the nose than ever, directly referencing the name of the artist or some obvious allusion to their work. That said, our guess is the only one that seems to make sense: Carrie Underwood
  • A scary flick? Carrie.
  • Where is it buried? Where is what buried- the flick? Some unknown “it”? Without something more concrete to go by, or some “flick” we’re missing, that “it” will have to be anything, meaning we’d need an answer that could just generically be a place something or someone is buried.
  • To be buried, something or someone needs to be under something, and wood (which coffins are made of, bringing us back to the “scary” imagery) is certainly something. So why not “under wood?” Underwood.
  • Ok sure, Carrie Underwood isn’t a super logical fit for Bonnaroo, but the promoters have actively been discussing bringing a country themed event to the grounds. Could this be a way to test the mainstream country appeal? Or could they finally be attempting to steal some fans from the double-booked, nearby CMA Fest? Or could this just be a move to further diversify Roo’s musical offerings?
  • Despite being on a lengthy tour, Carrie does in fact have space in her schedule, so it’s not impossible. [verdict: we’ll see]

Think we’re crazy, or could the local country superstar make her debut on the Farm?

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