Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’16: Number 6


Bonnaroo‘s annual lineup guessing game, Roo Clues, is currently underway, and, similar to last year, it seems that they’ll all be Instagram-based word games (a definite shift from past years with real-life scavenger hunts and elaborate riddles, but we’ll take it). In total, ten clues are set to drop, likely two per week, and will provide hints as to who we can expect to see at this year’s fest. Once again, we’re putting our expert sleuthing skills to work, and doing our best to solve each and every one. After the jump, check out who you can expect to see this summer on the farm!

Here’s Roo Clue #6:


  • There are a lot of artists who sort of fit this clue, or fit part of this clue, and the internet would seem to agree, but only one band feels like the best answer, and, if true, they’re a huge one.
  • A “preacher” is a blanket term for the clergy, someone who preaches the word of God. The Catholic title for his person would be a “priest.”
  • The preacher or priest in our clue is preaching a dark act, however. Dark, when thinking in terms of music, could be heavy metal. A heavy metal band could also, literally, be described as a “dark act.”
  • In Christianity, Jesus had twelve apostles. The one who literally committed a “dark act,” the betrayal of Jesus, was Judas.
  • One of the most recognizable other apostles was John, who, obviously, would disapprove of Judas’ “dark act.”
  • That interconnected logic makes Judas Priest seem like the only solid fit; however, they’re kind of giant for a Roo Clue, right? Delivered on Christmas day, this clue was pegged a “special present.” If ever they were going to hint at a larger artist than normal, it would be with this one.
  • Last year ‘Roo bagged Slayer, so seminal metal bands aren’t unusual, and Judas Priest’s schedule is totally clear. Holy shit y’all, we think this is happening. [verdict: more likely than not]

Where do you think Judas Priest would land on the lineup? Late night, top billed tent, main stage?

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